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How to secure a mortgage and financing for your new home
Четвъртък, 30 Март 2023г. 14:03ч.

If you're looking to purchase a new home in Cyprus, understanding how to secure a mortgage and financing is crucial. Cyprus real estate investment has become increasingly popular in recent years, and obtaining a mortgage can be a complex process. In this article, we'll explore the steps you need to take to secure a mortgage and financing for your new home in Cyprus.

What to do against mosquito bites
Неделя, 01 Януари 2023г. 14:22ч.

On warm spring evenings in the city or in nature, we are never alone. If we stop in one place, a swarm of hungry female mosquitoes quickly gathers around us. Usually, mosquitoes feed on plant sap and nectar from flowers, and males do not bite. The need for blood is related to the production of eggs by the female mosquito - it provides the necessary proteins for the development of the eggs.

The Company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd brings us the pure solar energy
Четвъртък, 30 Април 2020г. 11:25ч.


Being aware of the social responsibility to the humanity and the planet the company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd promotes solar energy projects in Europe and Asia. For the present the company has built and commissioned solar power plant in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, the Seychelles.

Quality Over Quantity: The Best Garage Doors for Long-Term Durability
Събота, 11 Март 2023г. 00:12ч.

While it may be tempting to choose a lower-priced garage door, investing in a high-quality, durable door will save you money in the long run. A low-quality door may need to be replaced more frequently, leading to higher expenses over time. Here are some reasons why you should prioritize quality over quantity when choosing the best garage doors in Schaumburg, IL:

Kleiidi - new songs from Albanian hip-hop rapper
Сряда, 20 Април 2022г. 16:25ч.


Kleiidi is a well-known blogger, actor, model, and singer. His real name is Clyde Prenga. As a child, he moved from Mirdita to the city of Fier. His life is the dream of every young man in Albania. Life between Luxury, Money, Cars in short everything that is enjoyed by the life of a teak peer.

3 essential offshore courses: general review
Събота, 28 Септември 2019г. 15:33ч.


According to its specifics, the main ones were H2S, HUET, and BOSIET. Hydrogen sulfide, rescue from a sinking helicopter and a general safety course in the offshore fleet. There’s no point in talking about H2S for a long time as this program is one lesson. During it, you’ll be taught to analyze the chemical characteristics of this gas, methods of detection and protection. After that the practical part.

The inspiration of abstract art
Неделя, 01 Януари 2023г. 14:33ч.

Abstractionism, or abstract art, is a type of modernist direction in art, which is distinguished by its refusal to depict objects and events and by its detachment from the figurative approach to reality. One of his goals is to achieve harmony by combining colors and geometric shapes capable of evoking different associations and emotions.

Bruno Saravia, the Peruvian singer, Announces New Album and More
Неделя, 14 Март 2021г. 13:20ч.


On Monday, Bruno Saravia, the Peruvian singer, announced that he'll be releasing his 4th studio album Hope on April 29, which he says is going to be his fourth album. 2019 was a great year for Bruno, with 5 singles released and 2 studio albums with his own music studio network RedWorkStudios in Lima, Perú.

What to keep in mind doing shipment to Russia
Понеделник, 17 Септември 2018г. 10:58ч.


Many foreign companies prefer to deliver goods to Russia by sea. If you also want to import your goods in this way, please note that marine logistics has specific features.

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