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The inspiration of abstract art
Неделя, 01 Януари 2023г. 14:33ч.

Abstractionism, or abstract art, is a type of modernist direction in art, which is distinguished by its refusal to depict objects and events and by its detachment from the figurative approach to reality. One of his goals is to achieve harmony by combining colors and geometric shapes capable of evoking different associations and emotions.

It arose in 1910-1913. with the layering of Cubism (which also used geometric shapes and intersecting planes), Expressionism and Futurism.

Ancient and modern abstract art enjoys increasing popularity in Bulgaria, and works of this art are often found everywhere around us - bars and restaurants, hotels and guest houses, abstract wall art at home or villa. Sometimes causing bewilderment and misunderstanding, abstractions recreate life in their own unique way. In this short but interesting material we will try to tell a little more about this type of art.

This art uses the visual language of form, color and order to create compositions that can exist relatively independently of visual references in reality. Western art from the Renaissance to the mid-19th century was heavily dependent on the logic of perspective in an attempt to reproduce visible reality. The art of cultures other than European at that time reached alternative ways to describe the artist's visual experience. By the end of the 19th century, many artists felt the need to create a new kind of art that would encompass the major changes that were occurring in the fields of technology, science, and philosophy.

Abstract art shows a departure from reality in the depiction of images in art. This deviation from accurate representation can only be slight, partial, complete.

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Kleiidi is a well-known blogger, actor, model, and singer. His real name is Clyde Prenga. As a child, he moved from Mirdita to the city of Fier. His life is the dream of every young man in Albania. Life between Luxury, Money, Cars in short everything that is enjoyed by the life of a teak peer.