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3 essential offshore courses: general review
Събота, 28 Септември 2019г. 15:33ч.
3 essential offshore courses: general review 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 votes.

3 essential offshore courses: general review

This article is dedicated to the training programs that every student need to go through before start working in the offshore zones and the main points that need to be taken into account.

According to its specifics, the main ones were H2S, HUET, and BOSIET. Hydrogen sulfide, rescue from a sinking helicopter and a general safety course in the offshore fleet. There’s no point in talking about H2S for a long time as this program is one lesson. During it, you’ll be taught to analyze the chemical characteristics of this gas, methods of detection and protection. After that the practical part. The task is to be able to get to the breathing apparatus by an alarm in 30 seconds, apply it and safely go to the crew’s gathering point, where you can connect your apparatus to the generalship clean air system. Everything goes in one day, but the ship can arrange training alarms every week.

HUET - Helicopter underwater escape training. This course also takes 1 day to be completed. But it’s obligatory to pass it completely. As a rule, the cost of meal and drinks is included in general price. That’s why students receive a schedule with audience numbers, meal times and a couple of pleasant things, such as notebooks, pens, and brochures. If it’s not your first time taking offshore courses, you may suggest the level of professionalism your couches have. The more explanations in easy manner and simple words the better for you. The objective of the course is to get a general idea of the structure of the helicopter and how to kill about it. And also - how to properly panic if it falls into the sea, simultaneously discarding unnecessary spare parts from itself. The accent is to be made on practice, which sometimes may be followed by detailed theoretical information. Everyone is given a robe, a pair of towels, rubber slippers, gloves, and helmets. You will learn to use a life jacket that can hold a small supply of air.

BOSIET - is the third course that we will take. As previous programs, this one is developed to guarantee the learning of safety and emergency response working in offshore zones. In general, the duration of the course is 3 days. It’s impossible to miss at least one lesson, training centers are very straight to attendance. As a rule, the program is divided into 3-4 parts that cover the different field of possible emergency (modules dedicated to first aid, firefighting, surviving is the sea). At least 45%-50% of the time is practical training that passes on the special zones. To finish the program and receive the certificate the student will take a writing exam.

Kherson Maritime State Training Centre offers modern equipment, qualified teachers and the best conditions to pass our OPITO certified and none-OPITO courses. BOSIET, H2S, and HUET are among them. Visit us to get more information!

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