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The Company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd brings us the pure solar energy
Четвъртък, 30 Април 2020г. 11:25ч.

The Company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd brings us the pure solar energy

Being aware of the social responsibility to the humanity and the planet the company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd promotes solar energy projects in Europe and Asia. For the present the company has built and commissioned solar power plant in Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Italy, Turkey, Thailand, the Seychelles.

Modern solar panels have a 30 year service life and minimum efficiency degradation that allows to reach the payback of the project of 5 MW in 4 years.

The Company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd is running the projects both on the basis of stationary systems and on the basis of modern tracking systems controlling the positioning of the solar panels.

For customers who need energy consumption at night the energy accumulating elements of various types and capacities are installed.

The most popular in Europe industrial solar power plants capacities are 5 – 15 MW, and 80% of such projects of all orders in Europe have already been implemented.

The Company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd use the panels produced only by the leading manufacturers ranking among the TOP 10. The applicable inverters are produced by the leading global producers ranking among the TOP 5. Such complex solutions give the lowest percentage of equipment failures and allow to most effectively meet the interests of the customers.

Save the planet for future generations – that's the motto of the company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd which it brings to life in course of its daily activities of the construction of solar power stations.

Europe is targeted for gradual substitution of the produced energy by the clean energy and the solar energy is the most promising because the resource of the sun is huge and the solar energy power is very high. Every year the efficiency of solar panels increases and the cost of solar panels falls that has a very positive effect on the market of solar power plants.

The company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd has started its first projects 15 years ago and could not even imagine such a big demand for the construction of solar power plants, especially in Asia. Now we can confidently say that the business is aware of the possibility of effective use of these technologies and to directly benefit from them.

The world wants the generation of renewable energy sources to reach 30% of the entire electricity generation market in the next decade, and the Company Bel Trading and Consulting Ltd is exerting all its experience and efforts to achieve this goal by all responsible persons in the energy industry.

Let's make the world greener and cleaner for the future generations!

"Click here for further information" https://beltrading.co/

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