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What to keep in mind doing shipment to Russia
Понеделник, 17 Септември 2018г. 10:58ч.

What to keep in mind doing shipment to Russia

Many foreign companies prefer to deliver goods to Russia by sea. If you also want to import your goods in this way, please note that marine logistics has specific features.

Advantages of shipping

  • Low cost of transportation (about 2% of the cost of cargo).
  • Delivery of the largest quantities of goods compared to other modes of transport.
  • The minimum risk of damage to the product (less than 1.5%).
  • Uniform legal norms regulated by the Athens and Brussels conventions.
  • The most convenient way of transportation between the continents.


  • Low speed of delivery.
  • The complex process of loading and unloading.
  • Dependence on weather conditions.
  • Required documents

A bill of lading — confirms the right of possession of the goods. This document is of several types, depending on the features of acceptance and transfer of goods: onboard, received for shipment, port, though.

Seaway Bill — a kind of a waybill. They are of the following types: Ocean Waybills, Data Freight Receipts, Linear Waybills. Dock Receipt or Dock Warrant — contains the characteristics, marking and volume of the cargo, it is executed upon receipt of the goods for transportation at the pier of the port for transportation abroad.

Delivery Order — receipt from the carrier and confirmation of the contract of transportation of the goods. They are of 2 types: ship order (for carriers) and sellers (in case of sale of one lot by parts to different purchasers).

Mate's Receipt is used instead of a bill of lading by agreement of the parties. It is often used for temporary storage of cargo.

Warehouse Receipt — a receipt of the responsible person about taking the goods to the warehouse. In a number of countries, it is equated to an official document and is suitable for securing a bank loan.

Find out more about what documents you need from specialists on the site https://nh-logistics.com.

When organizing foreign trade operations, it is necessary to know the norms of the Federation Internationale des Associations de Transitaires et Assimiles (FIATA) and Incoterms.

To identify the parties responsibilities in maritime logistics in Russia are used:

  • The Civil Code 41 chapter.
  • Merchant Shipping code.
  • Inland Water Transport code.
  • Incoterms rules.
  • Incoterms unified all duties for cargo transportation, insurance, customs clearance.

To shipment 4 terms are applicable: FAS, FOB, CFR, CIF.

The 4-th way buyers prefer most often. The seller pays for goods insurance, passes customs. The foreign seller also needs a representative registered in Russia.

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